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Martín & Sofia
Marso Studio

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Workshopleiterin für Tufting 

"We love to experiment, and the passion to keep creating led us to start Marso Studio."

Marso Studio is a creative space focused on crafting accessories of all kinds using various processes, techniques, and materials. Since March 2021, we have been working on rugs, cushions, and stools using the 'Tufting' technique, a type of textile weaving that allows us to experiment, create, and design a variety of products.

From the outset, Marso Studio introduced custom-made rugs tailored to all tastes. However, we expanded our offerings by creating our first collection, consisting of a rug, stool, and cushions inspired by nature.  After our first collection, we started making art pieces with the same technique. Wall art, tapestries, and rugs that had our signature design: vibrant colors, and clean edges.

Name: Martín & Sofía 

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